Pawtique. Create art with your Pet.

POSTED BY Lisa Andrews

pawtique paw art with your dog.

Create a lasting memory with your pet!

Lisa Andrews of Artique will create a painting with your pet using their paw prints. Create a lasting memory today!



    Hi Lisa
    The lasting memories with our pets are endless.
    I remember the times back in 2007 when we started publishing paw prints in our hard copy magazine “Paws and tails”. It was funny to compare cats paw with dog ones and human.
    Our office was full of ink and pets.
    Pawtique what a cute name :)

    Thank you for Pawtique idea, Lisa


      Thank you for the compliment Valeri. I love painting with the dogs (and yes I have done a few cats too!). Combining my love of dogs with painting is wonderful. The name Pawtique is a take off of Artique (where I paint with people), coming soon Plantique- creating with plants!

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