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Lisa Andrews, Owner/Artist

‟ I Believe everyone can create something wonderful ”

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is born an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. In my children’s classes I am known to the kids as “Miss Lisa” and at the end of every class I ask the kids, “Did you learn something new? And did you have fun?” I ask adults the same thing because I believe that everyone can create something wonderful, that everyone has that childhood artist inside.

My Vision: Artique

My vision for Artique is to create a space that is elegant, comfortable, warm, relaxing and fun. My goal is to help you feel like you are on a mini creative vacation. I am passionate about providing everyone with the opportunity to try something new and to leave inspired. I hope that Artique will encourage people to do anything they set their minds and hearts to by helping them develop new skills and confidence.

My Experiences Brought Me Here

I was raised in Newport, Rhode Island and I will never forget the teachers that first noticed my talents in the arts. I graduated in 1986 from The Art Institute of Boston with a degree in Design. In 1991 I returned to college at Eastern Connecticut State University to pursue a degree in Education. Though the years, I won several awards for my volunteer work with children including the 2005 NECASA Service Award and the 2007 CT Association of Schools Volunteer of the Year Award.

In 2001 I became an Assistant Teacher at Pomfret Community School for nine years where I continued to work with children on large projects throughout the school. One project I am particularly proud of was a Creative Storybook project which used Assistive Technologies to teach and design with a group of special education students. Following the project, I traveled to Chicago to accept an award in using Assistive Technologies with children.

These experiences and my education have brought me to open Artique. It is a business in which I can incorporate my artistic talents and training, creative brainstorming bursts, love for working with people of all ages, event planning… and of course my appreciation for wine doesn’t hurt!